Tavern Night
This event will be the mid-day portion of the Aaluntan's Nexus Larp Club.
This is a family event, all ages welcome 
Those of the age of minority needs to have a guardian present at all times. 
Dec 16 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm
At the Grene Wode: 25133 0 Ave, Aldergrove,

Email [email protected] 
$10 for Adults
$5 for kids
$5 Volunteers

This Event Will Include:
  • Live Medieval Entertainment
  • Medieval Games
  • Role Play 
  • Free Food
  • A selection of Medieval Vendors. 
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  3. Chealse Loong the Hostess


Tavern Night
This is an event is a part of several which will eventually lead up to a large "Medieval Market" which will fundraise for a local horse charity.

The goal of this event is to expose people to roleplaying in an immersive environment. We will be having members of several other Fantasy Boffer, Reenactment, and Theatre LARPs (Live Action Role Playing) groups to allow you to find which type of role play is best suited to you. 

July 8 being one of the first events of this type of event entry will be free but via invite, as it is a private event. Please email [email protected] for an invite.

Please explore the tabs at the top for more information.

What is this like?

This will be very close to a renascence fair except it is more immersive: we have adventures, games, and “opt in” that go beyond a sit and watch entertainment.   
Fantasy Guise -> Student Film about a person who works at an advertising firm having their work interfere with their Larping hobby. 


Last Minute Site Rules. 

> Due to the horses and peacocks on the farm: No pets are permitted with the exception of Service Pets.