This is an interactive story game based around a medieval farmers market.  Its target audience is those who are interested in role-playing a fantasy character during medieval times.  Unlike a Renascence fair, we hope you will partake in the adventure that will be presented by the vendors. A murder mystery, which vendor killed the missing Vendor Sally Smith and why. 

This venue will also be an opportunity for Re-enactment and Live Action Role Play Group to show off their hobbies.

There will be several vendors at the event not only selling goods but being a person in the market you are visiting. They will often have mini-quests for you to complete to build their trust and share concealed information that will help you discover who was the murders 

There will be several forms of entertainment also being played at the event, fitting with in the Medieval genre, Though the main event will be the Equestrian (Horse) games and archery from horse back.