Activities include

LARP Game: Allutans Nexus- Fantasy BofferLarp:
  • What is (boffer) )larp?
    • Try watching this video Fantasy Guise


Medieval games 
  • Boffer duels,
  • Quoits
  • Tug of war Duels on Platforms.
  • Where is my haversack
  • Ongoing throughout the day.

Thieving Game:
  • Earn Point for while working for the Rogues Guild. Selected items on selected merchants have been marked for acquisition. Steal these without getting caught and return them to the black market dealer to earn points. Items that are stolen less often will be worth more points.

Vendor Quests:
  • Ask selected vendors questions, complete favors, earn trust, gain their favor |

Tavern RolePlay:
  • People will be in costume, role-playing their characters and completing small adventures.  

More to come:


A Word document describing the world of Aalutans Nexus, the world that tavern event is held