Note All activities listed below are covered by the ticket entry, thanks to volunteers. 
  • There are additional family  activities like Hana and Fairy hair styling provided by family entertainment vendors throughout the market that do have a cost.

LARP Game: Allutans Nexus- Fantasy BofferLarp:
  • First Game:
    • 9 AM   till 2 PM LARP Game: Allutans Nexus- Fantasy Boffer 
  • What is larp?
    • Try watching this video Fantasy Guise
    • Use the Password: melbamedia

  • 12:00 till 5pm Vendors open 22 Vendors have signed up to attend so far

Horse Archery and Martial Games 
  • 2pm till 4pm

Archery Demo
  • 1:30 till 3:30

Collegium & Medieval Board Games
  • Noon Till 5 pm

Medieval games 
  • Boffer duels,
  • Quoits
  • Tug of war Duels on Platforms.
  • Where is my haversack
  • Ongoing throughout the day.

Pick Pocket Game:
  • Earn points for attaching clothes pins to the Market Magistrates Coin purse without getting caught. Otherwise is it the stocks for you, and you loose your points.
  • 1pm till 4pm

Thieving Game:
  • Earn Point for while working for the Rogues guild. Selected items on selected merchants have been marked for acquisition. Steal these without getting caught and return them to the black market dealer to earn points. Items that are stolen less often will be worth more points.
  • 1pm till 4pm

Murder Mystery:
  • Ask selected vendors questions, complete favors, earn trust, learn what is really happening behind closed doors to discover which vendor killed the missing vendor and why.  
  • 12:00 till 5pm

More to come: