Combat Rules:

Weapons Speeds 
  • Two Handed: 4 Seconds per Swinging Attack
  • Single 1 Handed: 2 Seconds per Swinging Attack
  • Claws and Daggers: 2 Seconds per Swing attack.
  • Something In The 2nd Hand: Adds 1 sec. to the attack for each weapon,( includes shields.)
  • Dual Wield Weapons: Are not to take at the same time.
Dirty Weapon Tricks
Dirty weapon tricks expect to receive and what they do:
            o Numbing Strike: Paralyse limb for 30 seconds on successful limb hit.
            o Strikedown: Knock to hands & knees on successful torso hit
            o Knockback: Knock backwards 3 m on successful torso hit
            o Sever: Sever limb on successful limb hit
            o Crush: Reduce armour/shield, or loc to 0 on successful hit
            o Sunder: Break weapon or loc to 0 on successful hit
            o Subdual Strike: Non-lethal damage
            o Disarm: Drop weapon to the ground on successful weapon hit
            o Trip: Drop to one knee on successful leg hit
  o Grapple: You will be grappled with 1 hand on each arm. You will be helpless until you are freed or dead. 
Some of the Basic Magic you will come across
  • Distract: Distracted for approximately 10 seconds; (Effect 1 per min)
  • Flash: Blinded for three seconds.(Effect 1 per min)
  • Push: Propelled backwards 10 feet
  • Pin-lesser: Earth grips one of the target’s foot pinning it to the ground (last 1 min)
  • Paralyse: Target is frozen in place for 1 minute
  • Shatter: 20pts of damage given to object, ie armor bypass DR.(Damage Reduction)
  • Repel: Target within 10 feet is thrown back 10ft. Resisted by STR 5 or Balance 7
  • Fear: Target for 1 minute is afraid of the caster, must flee or hide
If you are unsure what an effect step out of character and ask the player the effect casted.