Other Rules

Consent Violations Process
At the Medieval Market Place (MMP) we take consent issues very seriously. When an incident occurs, we do our best to get all the information possible, then decide on what action (if any) is appropriate for us to take as an organization. Reports of consent violations are few and far between, so we prefer to treat each one as its own situation and decide on an appropriate course of action on a case by case basis.

If a report is made of an incident involving consent, the MMP’s officers will investigate the issue. Within 24-36 hours we will contact all involved parties to ask for a statement. If you wish to make a statement before we have had time to contact you, you can use the report form on the website to make an official report. We will have a panel of an odd number of people discuss the issue, and decide what action, if any, needs to be taken. Currently, that panel will consist of three people. Bryce Williams, Mark Clarke, and a member from the IA Board Current officers. In the case that one of us is not available or has a personal connection with an involved party, or an involved party requests it, they will be replaced on the panel. In the future, we hope to add more of our volunteers to the pool who can review these types of issues. Our goal is to resolve any issues in as timely a manner as possible.

Please remember that even if you have witnessed an incident, you may not have all the relevant details to make a judgment about what happened. Remember that you may not have information about what was negotiated between parties, about what has discussed ahead of time with MMP staff, or about what goes on behind the scenes. You may have a different line of sight or angle and not have seen everything that went on. Jumping to conclusions about what happened between people as an observer can be dangerous and lead to the spread of misinformation. This is why we ask that if you have concerns, you contact us. We do our best to handle consent violations directly with the involved parties, so we ask our members and attendees to remember that even if you don't see it overtly, we may be working with people privately.
The MMP policy is that in order to investigate or keep information on record, we need to have an official report made in writing. This can be done through the website using our Incident Report & Event Feedback Form or by email to [email protected] Word of mouth and information told to a volunteer on duty or board member just to "let us know" but not in the form of a formal report cannot be put on record and it won't be investigated.

Personal responsibility is important

Know that while we do our best to create a safe space for people, personal responsibility in play is still extremely important. We provide a space where people can come to experience things they may not be able to find elsewhere and to embrace themselves. Our event organizers, volunteers, and board members all try to provide great insight, education, and monitoring. We created the MMP to be a space where safety and consent are promoted and highlighted.
This does not mean that if your consent is violated, you are at fault. It does mean that in the end, only you can make the choices that are right for you. We are happy to provide support and guidance and an added level of safety that you would not get meeting someone in private.