1. October 22, 2016 Noon till 5pm
    Halloween Fantasy Medieval Market
    This will be the second market. With the theme of Halloween. This event will not only fun, it will be educational. Many of the adventures and activities that will go into explaining how Halloween was celebrated during the medieval ages. The vendors have stated that enjoyed the last market and have stated they would return. We expect to have 21 Vendors if not more. We will have: A mystery for participants to solve, Medieval games for both adults and children Bardic singing and joy. Food vendors, Medieval products, Adventures provided by vendors, Had crafted items for sale. Activities for kids. Trying some LARP Game Demos
  2. September 26, 2015 4pm till 10pm
    Arenaver Market
    This was the first market, it was successful and has paved the way forward for future markets. From 4pm till 10pm This Event Included 11 vendors, murder mystery, medieval games, food provided by the market and the event will be ended with bardic singing and joy.
What is Larp?
Try watching this video Fantasy Guise
Use the Password: melbamedia

This was a student film made at The Grene Wode. If gives a good idea of what LARPing looks like.