• All Non-Com must wear Neon Orange on their costume significant enough to be seen by all sides. IA does have sashes available for those who don’t have the required colour.
  • A Non-Com is not to be touched
  • If a character wishes to slay the non-com with a melee weapon they are to be with in melee range and tell the Non-Com they have been slain. If the Character has a ranged attack then they can tell the Non-Com they have been slain. A player wishes to use “Power Work Kill” to slay the Non-Com. The Non-Com then will lay down and begin bleeding out.
  • The Non-Com can still attack or cast offensive spells, but they must keep in mind they are susceptible being slain and should keep a low profile.
  • For the market game: I plan to use the above rules though there should not be a need for vendors to enter combat.
  • Anyone drinking will become a NON-COM