Other Rules

  • Supplies: Ensure you are wearing foot wear meant for hiking, also dress in dark clothing.
  • Force: Only light touch permitted. If you someone tells you are hitting you are.
  • Man-Down Time: -Freeze – Stop immediately until a ref says “game on”
  • First Aid: Whistles are used to summon first aid.
Game Ques:
  • Stepping out of Play/Character: If you have your index, and middle finger pointed.
  • Non-Combat: If a person is wearing bright orange or is pointed out as a Non-Combat.- This is person only has 1 hit point and pouching them lightly once is enough to slay them. If you are not able to complete combat in form your Story teller,
  • Hiding: Fingers in front of a Face represents a person hiding ability and must be overcome with your heighten scenes.
  • Climbing/Flying: A person will be using a flapping motions and yelling out a height level when flying and a person will touch a tree and hold fingers up representing they have climbed a tree.

Other Notes:
  • Upset Players: If a player gets upset, refer to the ref and the ST, or a senior crew member is the previous two are not available.
  • Ask Questions: When you have the opportunity, ask senior crew members questions.

Market Place:
  • Venders are encourage to set up shop in the market at the beginning of the day, Some tasks like selling in game consumables will be handed off to them to draw traffic and share the work load from the Bank/Adventures Guild.
  • The market place will be a place for players to exchange goods and sell their own goods.
  • The market will be available through at the day as an adventure location.
  • Player and ST content will created.
  • The market is also open to the public. The area is a Null magic area and the use of weapons is strictly forbidden.
  • Though anyone can challenge another character to a dual in the dueling square where magic was live
  • There would be also a Marshal for the dueling square (ritual arena)
  • Any person walking around out of costume including the public would be treated as if they were from another land.
  • The vendors will have resource gathering adventures to give out and other small quests to give out.
  • Combat is not permitted inside the market, only inside the dueling ring.
  • Combat can happen outside the market place, where players have to defend from having a Monster enter the market place. If so the market place magic barrier will kill the monster in exchange for killing someone in the market place. To be revived they have to be brought the arena pit.
  • Vendors will be selling items for either Real Canadian Currency know in game as Elemental Electrum and In Game Currency known as Gold. 

The Bar:
  • The Bar is a gathering area for players and a place for rudimentary food and drink, including entertainment.
  • Bartender/Server is Payed 5 Gold per hour
  • Entertainment is paid 5 gold per hour or free drinks.(1 gold per 15 minutes.)
  • This will often be the blue, white room or vendor stall 1