Safety Orientation
By default treat everyone as if you were meeting a person in the bank for a loan. Treat them with respect and dignity, This can be altered by Story lines and Social contracts.

By default only shoulders with the hand and all placed with boffers except Heads, hands, feet and groin. Items may be touched or taken depending on story-line.
Neon Orange Scarf means – No physical contact and the person can be killed verbally when within weapons reach – just describe how you have slain the person.
-->Social Contracts:
---->Agree with another Player how much touching is allowed and what property of the character can be touched/taken. This is often known as Character Vs Character combat or Player with Player Combat.  Player vs Player combat often resulted in someone getting hurt.
---->Social contracts are an enjoyable way to make up your own rules between characters to get more out of your experience. 
---->Some character will post an open consent list on the forums.
------>Extreme potential- if you wish to have actual sex in character or say you did but didn’t, that is between 2 consenting adults in your own private space like your tent.

Subject matter:
>Fade to black- is the Safeword protocol for removing your character/yourself from an uncomfortable situation. Upon mentioning those words your character is removed from that time and space and will re-appear when you feel ready, without the fear of consequences or loss of experience.
-->Note: Some games and characters are designed to explore 
darker and taboo aspects or alternative views of human life without the fear of reprisal. Ie To pretend to be of a different sexual orientation. Committing a vile act (Virtually)
---->Extreme Potential-  The character is involved in something that is against your personal religious belief or emotionally upsetting  - Remember Fade to black.
-->Some adventures will have a trigger warning, yet many won’t
-->Did you know that it is legal for women to be topless in public since 2000

As a default use gender neutral pronouns as a standard in this world.  Storylines may play with this construct. A person's appearance may not always match their desired gender and may break someone immersion.
Be fit to play
Sleep well,
 Eat well, and
 Hydrate, bring water with you as a part of your character. (You may get a bonus for bringing it with you.)
Footwear with ankle support – Please do Don’t be like Melony
Leave baggage at home. Leave outside influences out of the game. If you can not you may wish to take a break.